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The Al Hikmah Islamic Centre
Help us to complete the work on this site to develop our masjid and educational institute which consists of a masjid, dawah centre, madrassah, youth centre, nursery, social welfare projects and international relief work all based on strong values with an Islamic ethos all under one roof.
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Al Hikmah Project is successful in running an official Ofsted registered Al Hikmah Nursery in 2014
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Dawah Workshops & Partnership work with Schools
We currently are running regular engagement events for our Non-Muslims members of the community. We have had a huge success with this project with over 30 new Shahadahs.
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Muhammadi Masjid Keighley
The Muhammadi Masjid was founded in 1991 with the aim of establishing a centre based on the authentic teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah in Keighley
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Social Welfare Project
We launch this project in 2014 alongside InTouch Foundation and we have been regularly serving food in Keighley every Wednesday night in the local town
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Youth Centre
The Youth Centre runs a structured and fun activity based programme in which all young people participate during term time and we summer clubs.
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International Relief Work
AlHikmah Charity Relief Work is aimed at providing essential help and support locally, Nationally and Internationally and given this directly to those who are going through an ongoing crisis.
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Al Hikmah Islamic Centre

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