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Support your local community so that we can help engage, educate and empower the disadvantaged to a brighter future DONATE NOW
Engage Educate Empower MASJID YOUTH NURSERY DAWAH SOCIAL WELFARE In the last 10 years, AlHikmah project has delivered on many fronts and needs your help to develop further its vision of creating an excellent educational institute “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” DONATE NOW Sahih al-Bukhārī The AlHikmah Nursery The first steps in education in an Islamic ethos environment LEARN MORE Eid
in the Park
250 People in attendance during the Pandemic, organised by the Muhammadi Masjid Keighley READ MORE

What is the

'Al Hikmah Project'?

“Helping to recognise, materialize and fulfil their true potential.”

The AlHikmah Project is a project that aims to achieve an excellent educational institute; a masjid, dawah centre, madrassah, youth centre, nursery, social welfare projects and international relief work all based on strong values with an Islamic ethos.

We have out grown our current masjid site and need your help and support to accommodate the increase numbers of users and services that we are offering. We need your help and support to renovate our AlHikmah site in order for us to fulfil the needs of the congregation and further develop our services to meet the demand of the local community.

Our aim is to encourage community cohesion and increase understanding between diverse groups

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