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Islamic Centre

As you can see from the excellent work we have done over the last 30 years, we need your help to complete the work on this site to develop our masjid and educational institute which consists of a masjid, dawah centre, madrassah, youth centre, nursery, social welfare projects and international relief work all based on strong values with an Islamic ethos all under one roof.

Total cost for this project is £750,000, we Alhamdulilah have raised £300,000 and currently in need of £450,000 to complete the building of this noble project so we can support the local Muslim and non-muslim community.

Please see below a range of different images and videos of the AlHikmah site. We urgently need to complete this site to accommodate the worshipers at our new site and develop our services.

As a direct result of your donations al Hikmah is able to:

  • Engage people around the world through our Dawah programmes.

  • Organise lectures, seminars and campaigns.

  • Educate Muslims and Non-Muslims about the true message of Islam.

  • Empower the community to be model citizens and muslims.

  • Publish and distribute Dawah materials.

  • Educate people of other faiths about the true message of Islam.

  • Produce exclusive Islamic video reminders.

  • Earn all this immense reward every day for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

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