Welcome to the alHikmah Project

The alHikmah Project is a vision that aims to achieve an excellent educational institute; a school, youth centre, nursery and dawah centre all based on strong values with an Islamic ethos.
The School and Nursery aims to provide children with an an opportunity to learn and familiarise themselves with the message of Islam from the Qur’an and the Sunnah, helping them to become better Muslims. Our aim is to produce a generation of students who excel in their curricular subjects, such as Science, Maths and English but at the same time acquire an understanding and appreciation for Islam that will help guide them throughout their lives.
Through a combination of community outreach work, youth work, sports activities and community events, the youth wing will tackle challenges and problems that affect the youth and strive to create a positive impact in Keighley.
Regular workshops, events, drop in sessions the dawah wing aims to educate Muslims and Non Muslims regarding the religion of Islam and much more.
The mission of the alHikmah Project is to provide excellent all-around education in a pleasant and stimulating Islamic environment. We strive for an excellent standard of education, and we will try our best to inculcate Islamic manners with wisdom and clarity to our students to help them become exemplary role models Insha’Allah.